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Jeffery R. Matz

Jeffrey is an archetypal design thinker to whom “things designed” is as much a passionate avocation as an actual and true vocation. He
believes fundamentally that project creation is about listening and leading at the same time and having a vision of how the project will
present in the end...always the challenge is to create or maintain the classic and timeless integrity of a beautifully proportioned and
detailed design while still having it function in a modern way.

One of the practice’s multiple focuses is the architectural design and renovation of existing and new homes with attention to the
accommodation of modern living through the layered integration of interior, exterior and site spaces. Jeffrey has over 30 years of
professional expertise in the architectural process from design development and hands on construction management to client

Whether you need a restoration, an entire house, or assistance with any other issues relating to the creation and execution of a modern lifestyle, Jeffrey will provide superior supervision and coordination of your project from the evolving design process and it’s development and implementation to all other aspects including product sourcing and construction. All of which ultimately combine to yield the final built work and your relationship to it.

As a third generation design thinker and architect, Jeffrey offers a depth of experience and contacts that include builders, craftsmen and artisans among others. His grandfather, Herbert Matz, specialized in classic stone and timber churches in the greater New York metropolitan area. Jeffrey’s father, Raymond Matz, worked with Marcel Breuer. Steeped in the modern tradition of the Harvard 5, Raymond went on to design and build commercial and residential projects in both the classic and modern idiom.

It is from them and also from Jeffrey’s mother Donna a former writer and fashion journalist at W, that Jeffrey draws his particular
strength of being able to meld both together to achieve the classic and timeless integrity of beautifully proportioned and detailed
residences that can also accommodate today’s lifestyle. Finally, due to this third generation design and architectural status,
with over thirty years of personal experience on multiple and diverse project types, Jeffrey can and will apply his intuitive and authentic
approach over the broadest range of design and construction challenges for any and all parties to the process and across the boundaries of
classicism and modernism to beyond. Please refer to the resume page for details of Jeffrey’s training, educational experience and prior

Check out the Midcentury Houses Today book.

Contact Jeffrey at 203 722-3686 or at jeffreymatz@mindspring.com to schedule site visits to any completed or on-going construction projects and also more importantly, to schedule a gratis consultation on your new design project.

Find Jeffery R. Matz on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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